Moisturizer Madness

In the winter around December my skin was so broken out that my doctor put me on the birth control pill and topical cremes to get rid of the acne. Retinoids made my skin as flakey as a shedding snake. Red and irritated it could not be worse. So I went on a moisturizer kick trying out all different kinds. All of these are highly affordable and can be found at the drugstore.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion 
Cetaphil Is my first love, a moisturizer that I have been using for at least 7 years it never disappoints. The reason I discovered this moisturizer is that my cousin started Acutane for her acne and the doctor told her this was the best moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated and not dry and flakey a side affect of Acutane. The only thing about this moisurizer is that it does not do anything for the anti aging or repairing of the skin, which now that I am 23 I feel I need more than when I was 15. 

GoodStuff Organics Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer
Bought on a whim after hearing how good antioxidants and fighting free radicals is for your skin. I do not recommend this moisturizer.. hmm maybe because it does not moisturize at all. It does not sink into my skin and makes it feel tight and not supple and dewy. 

Olay Moisturizing Lotion Sensitive Skin
My new love, I wish I would of used this long before December. It is perfect for my sensitive skin (well known fact after seeing the dermatologist and the allergenist) it hydrates my face and sinks into my skin within seconds of application which is perfect for a busy on the go kind of girl like MOI. Allowing me to apply makeup immediately after. 

Olay Replenishing Night Creme
Staying on the Olay band wagon, I wanted something thick and heavy for night time that would repair all the damage left behind by a crazy amount of ointment that left my skin...  let just say more than chapped. This did the trick 

Yes to Carrots Nourishing Moisturizer 
Favourite out of all the above this will be a repurchase even before it runs out, because I can not bare to go a night without it. Left with some nasty scaring from the extreme acne I had last summer I definitely needed something full of vitamin E (a well known fact about Vitamin E is that it fades scaring over time) I have seen a difference by using this product and do have a post about the products I use that contain the oh so magical Vitamin E. This is an amazing moisturizer that is not to thick and can even be used during the day time. It smells lovely and is very cost efficient but leaves you with high end results. 

Happy Moisturizing Lovely Ladies 

Don't Forget to Always Moisturize the Neck Area 

Pax Et Amor

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