M.A.C 's Surf Baby Collection

Surfs Up Baby

First things first can we take a moment and praise the new M.A.C bags. They environmentally friendly and extremely cute, I wish I took a picture of the inside of the bag because it is my favourite colour RED!

Crushed Metallic Pigment in Summer Stash

Amazingly Pigmented and not chunky at all they are totally amazing and I would recommend these to anyone. The only thing is that it is hard to use with a brush but with your fingers the colour shows up amazingly and smoothly. 

Cheek Powder in My Paradise 

Hello can I say amazing! I love this blush I wore it today and it is definitely an amazing summer find. It is as beautiful in the pan as it is on the cheek the gold is not an overspray but seems to not go all the way through, it will last a while 

Eye Shadow in Saffron 

A very unique colour I do not have in my collection I was drawn to it immediately when I was at the store. It is an amazing brick red that is matte and highly pigmented.  

Pardon my Finger Swatch :D

Overall this collection was one of the best that MAC has come out with in a while. It has everything I love and I wish I could of afforded more of the collection but Cest Le Vie. 

Pax Et Amor


  1. So jealous that you got the cheek powder! It's sold out everywhere!

    What do you think of Saffron? I bought Surf USA and thought about going back for Saffron but I am so fair and wasn't liking the effect/look on my eye.

    Have you used the pigments on your eyes yet? How's the fallout?

  2. Oh really I live in a smaller city so think that is why it wasn't sold out where I live, Saffron is amazing I have a more medium skin tone and it works really well for me but I also have seen people on youtube that are on the paler side use it and it looks beautiful on them. The pigments don't have a huge fall out you just need to use your finger and it looks amazing.

    p.s Thanks for the follow <3