I have always heard about Avon and the products they have to offer but I have never really been interested in buying anything from their catalogue, not because they aren't good products, I thought that they were marketed to an older audience and I just don't like the whole ordering off a catalogue and it's not accessible in a store or on a website (correct me if I am wrong). I have had many people pass me the information along the years but my friend Kati from (katesglow.blogspot.com) started selling it about a month ago and I wanted to give it a try. I purchased the following 3 makeup Items:

Avon Magix Illuminator in medium 

I have used this product a couple of times since I have received it and it is a good product. I wanted to get it because everyone and anyone loves the YSL touche eclate radiant touch (at a price tag of $40) and I thought this would be a great alternative (at the price tag of $12). My feelings on this concealer are a little up in the air, it is a good colour match to my skin but it seems to not give me the best coverage and seems to evaporate in about 5 hours. This might be because of the hot weather or because I am not setting it properly. I will definitely keep using it because I love the packaging and the way to apply it with a brush. So cross your fingers it will be a new love.  

Apricot Burst, Luminous Peach

Opinions to come because I haven't really used these products a lot since I got them I think that the price is brilliant (2.99 promotion price) and the colours are great for summer but opinions will be formed about the application and the texture of them in the near future.

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