Nail of the Week

      I'm sure you have noticed I have changed my background on my blog, I just felt like a change and am not sure if I love it as much as I did the previous one but I will give it a couple of days and it might grow on me. Right now I just got home from a really hectic but fun day and am currently watching The Voice. I actually like it more than American Idol to be honest, and I love all the Coaches. Anyway I really want to apologize I said I would (at least in my own head) be posting everyday for at least a week and yesterday I defiantly broke that deal.  So today, I mean tonight since it is 11:30 I will be doing 2 blog posts.

So here is my nail polish of the day (or 3 days, or a week) just depending on how easily I get bored and how much extra time I have in the next couple of days. I have been looking for a beautiful rose gold nail polish for a while and when a girl on youtube named Carly Cristman was in the same search as me I was happy to discover that she had discovered a great one. This is why I love to watch youtube videos on makeup and products great suggestions and things you would never discover on your own. So she got sent Orly's Rage nail polish from a subscriber of hers and when I saw it on her nails I just knew that was exactly what I had been searching for as well. I love when I check things off of my most desired list :D makes my life happy. Sorry you guys should know by now that even my nail of the week post will be a essay long but that's just me.

Orly's Rage

~~~PaX Et AmOr~~~

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