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       Are you the type of girl that goes to the makeup and skin care counters as well as online to get samples for everything beauty related. Buying on a whim is not your typical style, you like to get the deluxe samples so that you can try out a product before buying because either you won't shell your hard earned money on a regular size product because you don't know if it would work for you. Or your skin is so sensitive that you need to try stuff before purchasing a full size incase of a bad reaction. Or even that you just love to try new things all the time and don't have the money to spend on buying everything in full size all at once. Basically you are a try before you buy kind of lady and also money wise at the same time. Well I have the perfect program for you, it is called Luxe Box by Loose Button, it is a program where you pay $9.99 a month and get 3-5 deluxe sample products each month for you to try before you buy. 

       Are you dying, I was, because I heard from everywhere that there is a new program in the states called Birch Box that does basically the same thing as Loose Button. It made me sad that they did not have the program in Canada where I live. So I did a little digging into what was offered in Canada and came across this amazing website that is greatly similar to the famous Birch Box that the American have privileges of having. The only major difference is that Birch Box has its own Shop on the website and you are able to buy the products that are featured in each box, while earning loyalty points at the same time which maybe a possibility in the future of Luxe Box you never know. The way that the Luxe Box is packaged is beautiful and you can tell that a lot of effort goes into the packaging of this box, I believe it is hand wrapped every month and the box is terrifically packaged inside and out as you can see through the pictures I have posted. There is also a very detailed card listing all the products, what they are used for and how much a full size of the product would cost. 


         Now lets get to the nitty gritty of it all, the actual products that were featured in the Luxe Box for the month of May. There are 4 different beauty products and one little treat, the treat was a little Hershey Kiss for all the chocolate lovers in the world such as myself. The following are the beauty products listed from left to right and what the information card reads:

Dermalogica / Daily Microfoliant: Considered as one of the InStyle's Best Beaty Buys, this rich based enzyme powder helps to exfoliate your skin by removing debris, leaving your skin smoother and brighter. Contains no artificial fragrance or colour, good for all skin types. Directions: after cleansing, dispense into wet hands and create a creamy paste. Massage onto face for one minute, avoid eye area, then rinse. Use daily. P.s you get 0.42 Oz or 13 g of product in the sample size and in the Full size 2.6 Oz or 75 g. Retail Value: $50.00

(I have only tried this product once because I did just get the Luxe Box in the mail recently, and for my sensitive skin using an exfoliate more than once a week is to harsh and strips all my oils out of my skin but it is an exfoliant you can use on a daily basis and be fine. The reason why I enjoyed this product the first time I ever used it was because of the fact that it is odourless and colourless and the feeling of it is great on your skin, it leaves your skin soft and hydrated and not gritty and tight at all the unique aspect of this product is that it starts off as a powder and with the adage of water it turns in a smooth past with some grit to it that feels lovely on your skin and makes it feel so youthful and supple).

Elizabeth Grant / Biocollasis Complex Day Serum: This high performing anti-aging day serum is good for all ages and helps defend fundamental skin layers through a rich concentration of natural plant extracts, vitamins, and enzymes. Directions: Apply 2-3 drops every morning on clean skin before moisturizing. P.S the sample size has 10 mL or .33 fl Oz and the full size has 30 mL or 1.01 fl Oz. Retail Value: $65.00

(I have been applying this on my face every morning since I have received it in the mail, I am really impressed with the smooth texture and the way it just sinks into my skin immediately after application due to the fact that I don't have the most amount of time in the morning and want to get out the door as quickly as possible. This makes it easier for me to moisturize and then apply my makeup right away).

China Glaze / Mini nail polish in pink underground: This professional nail lacquer has captured the hearts of bloggers and celebrities alike because of its fabulous finish and easy application. There are lots of bold and exciting colour to choose from that can fit and match your style. Directions: Start off with a base coat apply pink underground on nails using more than one layer if need be and finish off with a quick drying top coat. P.S  the mini nail lacquer contains 9.6ml or .325 fl Oz. and a regular nail lacquer is 14 ml or .5 fl Oz. Retail Value: $7.00

(I have not yet tried this colour on my nails but I have used many china glaze polishes in the past, for Audrey and 5th Ave. being some of my favourites. They are a great consistency and last on my nails a decent amount of time before starting to chip or show wear and tear. This colour is a gorgeous pink and I am happy it to add it to my collection and once I wear it on my nails I am sure to do a nail of the week post on it).

Consonant Body / Organic Olive Oil Body Soap: one of the brand's signature products. It contains a perfect blend of organic olive oil, beeswax and spring water. (literally 3 ingredients you can get more natural then that, can you?) It will keep your skin moisturized after each use. It is also appropriate for all skin types and 100% natural and organic. P.S this is a full size and not a sample of the soap that you I received in the Luxe Box (how awesome is that) 112g. Retail Value: $12.00

(I have not actually used this soap but as soon as I received my Luxe Box it was the first thing I noticed ((even before opening the box)) the smell wafted into my nostrils and all I could do to restrain myself from ripping open the box just to discover what that delicious smell was before I got into my house up the stairs and into my bedroom was breathe heavily and just run. I love the smell of fresh olives it is one of my favourite scent other then honey and gardenia. I could literally eat this soap it is that organic and natural, but don't worry guys i have enough self restraint not to :D)

         So anyway I hope you like the detailed blogpost I am putting up for the Luxe Box by loose button and I do hope I convinced some of you to order this amazing program online at www.loosebutton.com and please when you do get your first box I would love to hear what you think about it :D 

Warmest regards 

~~~ PaX Et AmOr~~~

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