Nails of the Week

I'll See you at SEA!!!

What a nautical look, how perfect for spring. Sorry for the hideous application but as soon as my hands are washed a couple of times the edges will be more clean and precise. My main colour is 420 Pacific Blue By Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, and my accent finger as I like to call it or my glitter finger when its all sparkly is 130 Blue me away. At $2.77 a pop at Walmart these polishes are highly pigmented and really opaque, I only have one coat on all my nails and found that I did not need another coat. A negative about this polish is that when out of the bottle it sort of smells like, well, a skunk, hmm maybe its just my nose but its not a pleasant smell but the upside of it is that once on your nails and dry it has no oder at all, so if you can bare the smell until it dry's (which it does dry pretty fast) I defiantly recommend these polishes.

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