Something Borrowed Movie Review

          It's me again :D yes back to back posts because of my lack of post yesterday, this one will be a movie review. Tonight I went to see Something Borrowed with one of my best friends, we have a really similar taste in movies and decided that we would go see Something Borrowed staring Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, Colin Egglesfield (swoon) and John Krasinsk (double swoon).

      At first I wanted to hold off of watching this movie because I am smack dab right in the 
middle of the book. I am really loving the book so far and was afraid that the movie would
not live up to the book like most movies based on books seem to be more than lacklustre. 
But I went to the movies on cheap night (packed house) by the way and could not keep
my eyes off the screen. I usually get fidgety in movies and move back and forth and get 
so bored that I tend to breathe heavy and start listing off my to do list for the next day. 
This movie did not disappoint me at all, it was HILARIOUS thanks to my good friend
John Krasinksi who plays Ethan. Ginnfer Goodwin (who plays Rachel) and Colin 
Egglesfield's (who plays Dex) relationship was amazingly realistic and powerful 
they had my heart racing couple of times. I really loved Kate Hudson (she played Darcy) 
she was so funny and as charming as ever. Anyway I recommend this movie to all the 
ROM COM lovers out there because this is definitely themovie for you. I hope you 
enjoy it as much as I did and hope you let me know your opinions. P.s I could 
watch it again and not be bored. 

~~~PaX Et AmOr~~~

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