Fox in a Box Blushes by Hard Candy

For all you Blushaholics 

Top; Left to Right: Hot Flash, Truth or Dare, Skinny Dipping
Bottom; Left and Right: Spicy and Sweet (dupe for benefits sugar balm), Smooth Talker

The packaging on these puppies are too die for. They are very reminiscent of the famous Benefit Boxed Blushes but with a twist. These blushes have the lids attached where as the Benefit ones are not. Packaging always sell me on a product, if it looks good I'm in  

The only thing that I am not particularly a fan of with these blushes is the brushes that are attached. Yes cute with the hot pink bristles and the hard candy logo with a little pink heart, but not useful at all, they are way to thin and do not hold any colour (Maybe use the brush for your highlight?). My suggestion is to take them out and start cleaning your computer key boards with them they fit perfectly between the keys and your computer will look brand new.  

(Swatched in the same order as above)
The pigmentation and texture (very soft) on these blushes are amazingly good they have the perfect amount of colour, so when you apply it you don't waste product by having to go over and over on your cheeks, and its not too pigmented that you use none of the product and never get the satisfaction of hitting pan until 5 years from now. So basically if you were Goldie locks and looking for your perfect fitting blush this would be it, not to dull not too pigmented but just the right amount of colour. 

~~~Pax Et Amor~~~

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