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          I apologize that it took me so long to post this but if you are a www.hautelook.com fan you know that they have amazing deals on cosmetics at different times of the week. I have been purchasing from Hautelook from before the time that it blew up and now everyone knows about it and the advertisements are everywhere. I made this specific NYX purchase on April 20th and Hautelook shipped it to me on April 29th and I believe I received it around May 2nd or 3rd. The reason that it takes Hautelook a while to ship packages out is because they do get there products after everyone has purchased them from the company and then ships them directly to the customer (they have to wait for the products to ship to them then package them in their own packaging and then ship it out to customers). If you are a patient person and love to snag great deals I think this is a perfect website for you. Now on to the products I purchased from NYX. Hautelook has had NYX featured on their site in the past but nothing as great as what I purchased this time around. I was basically buying NYX in bulk. You must think dude this girl is cray cray or man what does one girl need with all that makeup, well technically I don't but boy would I want a makeup collection that would fill up an entire spare bedroom in my imaginary mansion. BUT in all reality this is an impossible, selfish and materialistic way to think. Now I know your thinking this girl is blabbing on and on about anything but the reason as to why she purchased bulk products when clearly she is not in the cosmetic industry nor will she be in the near future. Well it is the old excuse of I wanted to get them because they were such a great deal and for the reason that I love to give makeup to EVERYONE (women mostly) for any which occasion examples being, birthdays, holidays i.e Xmas, Easter, Valentines day, Hanukkah, Eid, wedding showers and anything in-between. I had the mind set of, I LOVE all NYX products that I have tried they are THE BEST drugstore brand out there and this brand is literally comparable to companies such as MAC Urban Decay and Nars. So I went for it. 

          Pictured above and below (at a different angle) are 28 pigments that came in a set, they were packaged in plastic and arrived impeccably with no spills or accidents which is amazing and so highly appreciated. Now unfortunately I did take these pictures as soon as I received the products and have already put them away so I will not be able to tell you all the names in order but I will be listing all the ones that came with my purchase. The Dramatic Chromatic eyeshadow pigments are listed (on the website www.nyxcosmetics.com)  for individual purchase price of $6.00. While the only place to purchase NYX products in Canada and my area is a Pharma Plus and they Jack up the price so much so the products are not worth purchasing in store. I would rather pay a couple of dollars more in shipping prices then have to adhere to the ridiculousness of the pricing at that establishment. 28 Chrome eyeshadows at a cost of  $6.00 a shadow would come to a total of $168.00 Plus taxes I purchased these on Hautelook for the low low price of $50.50

Dramatic Chromatic eyeshadow pigments: As the name suggests, these individual shades of highly-pigmented eye shadow offer a dramatic, metallic and iridescent glow that turns heads. The silky powders are available in 60 vivid shades. The upshot? There’s no limit to your creativity.

The following are the colours that came in the set of 28 Chrome loose eyeshadows: 
(Unfortunately not in the order shown in the Picture)
Piggy Back
Hard Core
Ocean Blue
Baby Pink

          These next lip glosses are the brush on glosses now some of them say killer lips on the bottom and others don't, these glosses seem to not be on the website anymore so I have a feeling that they are discontinued products and are not going to come back, but I will talk about them anyways. I can see why they were discontinued because of the fact that NYX are known for their Mega Shine Lip Glosses and these ones are not highly sought after. Some of the tubes are missing a stopper which is really annoying because the build up on the applicator dries up to basically being useless, a pain in the ass and just plain gross. The product itself is very opaque and stays on for a while after application, this is not to say that it lasts 3 or 4 hours it is more like 2 hours at the most if applied properly and no eating and drinking is done. I love the variety of colours in these glosses and the range of texture, some have a great amount of glitter and some are matte others are shimmery others just have a gleam to them. I had to google the price for these glosses and came across a site that sells them (in no way shape or form am I telling you to buy products from this site, I have no clue who owns it or how they operate the sole purpose of me posting this website is for price verifications). http://www.urbanog.com/NYX-Brush-On-Lip-Gloss_103_6365.html is selling the glosses for the price of $5.90. This set came with 22 glosses and was priced at $26.50 meaning that if I were to purchase them individually they would come out to the cost of around $130.00 plus taxes making it a heck of a lot more. 

Get killer lips with this NYX brush on lip gloss. Featured multi color to choose from including clear and shimmering color. Soft felt tip for easy application to give a flawless even gloss on lips

The following is a list of the colours that where in the bulk package I purchased:
(From Top to Bottom)
Ice Queen
Day Dream
Dolly Pink
Whip Cream
Power of Love
Mutual Love
Red Lips
Mod Squad
Golden Mauve
Copper Penny
On the Rocks
Silver Plum

          Diamond Sparkle Lipgloss is the next product I purchase and I absolutely LOVE these lip glosses they are everything you need when you are in the mood for something not so matte or bland, not that matte lip glosses are bland they are beautiful in there own way and they have a time and place to be worn just like the sparkle types of glosses. These are sold individually for the price of $5.50 and for a set of 13 I paid $21.50 meaning that at a store it would of cost me $71.50.            

Akin to the Diamond Sparkle Lipstick, the Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss provides rich colour with intense shine. Sheer, sparkly and long-lasting wear. Choose from 15 custom shades

The following are the lip gloss shades that came in the Diamond Sparkle Set: 
(Starting at top silver and going clockwise)
Silver Sparkle 
Bronze Sparkle
Pink Sparkle 
Copper Sparkle
Orange Sparkle 
Rust Sparkle
Paprika Sparkle
Fuchsia Sparkle
Ginger Sparkle
Red Sparkle
Gold Sparkle 
Walnut Sparkle
Beige Sparkle

          Last but not least the Lip Lacquer pot set of 11 (basically I am missing one out of the entire line which is kind of annoying, but C'est La Vie). These are great for a quick fix a hasty touch up and gives you the perfect amount of colour for a gorgeous spring/summer day. This set was $33.00 for 11 and on the NYX website they are going for $6.00 each meaning that they would of turned out to be $66.00. 

Drench your lips in this high-shine, high-impact lip lacquer in a portable pot. Whether applied over lipstick or worn solo, the results are always ultra-luminous. Available in 12 lip gloss shades

The Following are a list of the shades that I got in the lip lacquer set:
(In No Particular Order)
Coffee Run
Ultra Violet
Okie Dokie Artichokie
Night In Manhattan 
Love In Paris
Caramel Fudge
Sweat Pea
London Hip
Simply Red
(The only one missing in my set is Georgia Peach can anyone tell me if it is very sought after?)

          In conclusion I did pay 131.50  plus $10.95 total. The summing up of all the savings that I did with this purchase according to hautelook was the amount of $262.00. (which does not work out to be the total by my calculations) I would of ended up paying the amount of $435.50 Plus taxes if I were to buy from the NYX website or even more if  I were to purchase at a retail outlet. All I have to say is Hallelujah for Hautelook check it out if you haven't already :D

~~~PaX Et AmOr~~~

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