Hard Candy Undercover Agent

Undereye Brightener and Concealer Duo 

The undercover agent undereye  brightener and concealer duo "is your new secret weapon to disguising and preventing any undereye imperfections
  • Undereye Brightener
  •  Reduces Dark Circles, Puffiness and Fine Line 
  • Conceals and Covers for a Perfect Finish
  • Three Skin Tone Shades Blend Seamlessly and Softly into Undereye Area

          I am in no way shape of form a product basher I am the Just Jared of the beauty world and not the old Perez Hilton. I always look for the positive in things but when it comes to something this disappointing I can't hold back. I was at Wal-mart looking for the Glamaflauge concealer by Hard Candy because it is FINALLY available in Canada and everyone talks about how great it is, and low and behold my shade (medium) was all sold out. In desperate need of a new concealer because my Maybelline dream mousse concealer is running out and unfortunately has been discontinued :( Just my luck eh, as soon as I found an amazing and affordable concealer they have to discontinue it. I grabbed what I thought would be the next best thing. I love hard candy products I have tones of products from them I love the price point and the convenience that I can just pop in to Wal-mart and grab as needed. Enough of me blabbing on to the review.

          From already reading above you may have come to the conclusion that this purchase was a great regret. Fist off my immediate reaction when opening the product was, why is the concealer so lacking where as the brightener has way more product. The brightener contains 13.5g or 0.48oz of product and the concealer contains 2.1g or 0.0074oz of product. The concealer is a little nub of an amount compared to the brightener. The list of what this product duo is suppose to do is pretty lengthy. It does not brighten my undereyes, the cream is way to thin  and sheer and just sinks into my skin before it even does anything making it very moisturizing but not illuminating at all. I haven't used it enough to know if it reduces puffiness and undereye circles and fine line but i have my suspicions that it does not. The actual concealer is way to pink for my yellow undertones, even though I picked up the colour medium. The packaging claims that the concealer will cover your undereye problems and go on smooth and creamy, in my opinion it does none of the above its way to sheer and is not creamy, I was tugging at my undereyes when applying the product and that is a big NO NO if you want to prevent fine lines. So let it be known to the world that I am not impressed and I would not waste your $7 on this not so great product. Here is to some happier shopping experiences and moving on to bigger and better things, always be positive and I will talk to you soon <3

~~~Pax Et AmoR~~~

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