My New Face Routine

GIRL, What's that On Your Face?

Neutrogena dry touch sunscreen spf 110 (You might think that this is an exessive amount of SPF but I do work outside in the summer and need the extra protection)
Clear Prep Fx Matte Foundation Primer and anti-acne treatment gel (I love products that do more than one thing for me)

Mac select Cover Foundation SPF 15
Hard Candy Sheer Envy Tinted Moistuizer

As you can tell I am in between colours right now because it is in-between seasons and I am an off colour. I also feel like I don't want so much coverage on my face because my acne is subsiding and it is also getting warming out and my makeup tends to melt off .

This is why I mix these two products on the back of my hand before applying it onto my face.

Next I pop on the Dream Mousse concealer (unfortunately discontinued) Under my eyes and also to any problem areas I have.

I am in the colour Beige Medium. this concealer does no move from my under eye area and it also does not sink into my fine lines and wrinkles, it will have to be a mission to find another concealer I like this much. 
And to end it all I set my face with a loose face powder by NYC cosmetics I believe this one was only $2.99, a very affordable product. 

This product also comes in a translucent shade.

Pax Et Amor

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