Just a "Quick" Hello

       So another crazy day today but it was fun and worth getting up early for. Today I went to my local beach, this is the place where EVERYONE hangs out in the summer and it was nice to see it before all the hecticness it was a beautiful sunny day out but the wind was kind of chilly. Then I just hung out with a couple of great friends and went to chapters I just love to read and I am currently in the middle of reading 6 different book and they are all very different so I either don't get bored or that I just need to expand my brain that much :D. I will write a post about all the books I am reading and maybe some reviews. Then I drove to my cousins house and went to Booty Camp fitness with her. I have told you ladies about this program before and I LOVE it. I am seeing great results and for a time where I had nothing to do this gave me hope and got me off of my butt. My cousin will not be joining me in continuing booty camp in June but my Best Friend Kati will ( www.kate1point0.blogspot.com ) be and it is a lot closer to the place i'm living at  right now so it will be so much more convenient and better on the gas ! anyways tomorrow is my first day in a week that I will not have to get up early and do a planned day. It will be so nice to sleep in and just relax and maybe do some errands that I have been meaning to get done all week. Also I forgot my Camera again at my cousins but next time I will grab it and then have better pictures for this blog now that i'm getting more and more into it. Anyway going to go and watch the real world Las Vegas and chill out from my crazy day.

Love you all

PaX Et AmOr

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  1. :( bff of how many years it's Kati and www.kate1point.blogspot.com hahah nice job

    thanks for the shout out in any sense :P