I have always heard about Avon and the products they have to offer but I have never really been interested in buying anything from their catalogue, not because they aren't good products, I thought that they were marketed to an older audience and I just don't like the whole ordering off a catalogue and it's not accessible in a store or on a website (correct me if I am wrong). I have had many people pass me the information along the years but my friend Kati from (katesglow.blogspot.com) started selling it about a month ago and I wanted to give it a try. I purchased the following 3 makeup Items:

Avon Magix Illuminator in medium 

I have used this product a couple of times since I have received it and it is a good product. I wanted to get it because everyone and anyone loves the YSL touche eclate radiant touch (at a price tag of $40) and I thought this would be a great alternative (at the price tag of $12). My feelings on this concealer are a little up in the air, it is a good colour match to my skin but it seems to not give me the best coverage and seems to evaporate in about 5 hours. This might be because of the hot weather or because I am not setting it properly. I will definitely keep using it because I love the packaging and the way to apply it with a brush. So cross your fingers it will be a new love.  

Apricot Burst, Luminous Peach

Opinions to come because I haven't really used these products a lot since I got them I think that the price is brilliant (2.99 promotion price) and the colours are great for summer but opinions will be formed about the application and the texture of them in the near future.

A Small Haul

Drugstore Beauty 

A small haul from about 2 weeks ago I went to Wal-Mart a couple of different times and once was to get some makeup for someone as a present and I could not help but get some for myself forgive me for I have broken my makeup ban (even more so now that I made a trip to MAC post coming soon)

Revlon Colour Burst lip gloss in Sunset Peach 

Had Candy Glamoflauge in the shade Medium

NYC smooch proof 16 hour lipstain in forever freesia 

Wet n Wild MegaSlicks in Plum number 673

Revlon Illuminance creme shadow in not just nude


Just for Fun :)

46 Days LEFT 

I am a big Harry Potter Fan and I definitely can not wait until the final movie The Deathly Hallows Part 2. A bitter sweet end but it had to come some day and I am glad the world did not end before I could see this movie :D ! Here are the promo posters for you to look at before July 15th hopefully it will keep you satisfied until then.

(All taken from perezhilton.com)


Why so SLEEK !!!!

A Haul/Review of Sleek Makeup
A Canadians Perspective 

I heard from Goss Makeup Artist of youtube a lot about sleek makeup and I also follow some lovely UK bloggers who have also talked about Sleek makeup and the great quality of it and the extremely affordable price. The only concern I did have before ordering was the shipping price and if customs would charge extra money. The shipping price was pretty decent not too outrageous and personally I think totally worth it. Here in Canada, Southern Ontario it cost ($13.50) to ship the package over air mail. I ordered the products on May 17th and Received them today on May 24th not a bad turnover time at all, I literally got an email the day after I ordered saying it was packaged and shipped to me. All of this was highly unexpected since I have had no experience getting shipments from overseas and that I was expecting a lot longer waiting time and a lot larger shipping price. I am highly pleased with everything Sleek at the moment from the packaging to the price to the shipping. 

Being a self proclaimed Blushaholic I just could not choose just two colours, so due to the amazing price of ($6.50) at 8g or 0.27oz I decided to get five :S and I do not apologize in the least. They are amazingly pigmented, really smooth and creamy feeling, not chalky at all. The blushes come in a great rang of colours and shades. Some I purchased are shimmery such as pomegranate and other are matte such as scandalous.

Left to Right: Pomegranate, "avoir la peche collection" Pan Tao, Scandalous,  Sahara, Flushed 

Eyeshadow Palette In Storm (578) ($10.00) 12x1.1g or 12x0.03oz 

A highly popular palette on youtube this is the reason I went on the Sleek website in the first place to purchase this specific product. This was slightly damaged when it came over "the pond". The matte black is chipped and some of the colours were smudged and I had to clean it up before taking the pictures. other than that I love this palette it has great colours for amazing looks, they are highly pigmented as you can tell by the swatches and they are smooth and creamy and not chalky which is really important to a quality shadow. 

Peaches & Cream is a sheen finish and is very opaque in colour and glides onto your lips very smoothly it comes across on your lips as peachy and creamy as it looks in the bullet, this colour also feels very moisturizing. Papaya Punch is a matte finish and is great for the summer coral lip trend that everyone is strutting this spring and summer. Being a matte colour it is not moisturizing and seems a bit drying but if you prime your lips with lip balm before it is not a concern. What's also great about these lipsticks is that they contain vitamin E. The only thing about these I am not ecstatic about is the smell and taste, it is typical lipstick smell and taste At a price point of ($6.00) with 3.5g or 0.12oz they are totally worth the money. 

Left: Peaches & Cream Right: Papaya Punch

Pout Polish in Electro Peach (Can you tell I am peach obsessed) a perfect shade for summer it has SPF 15 a great thing for a girl who works outside (remember girls you got to protect your lips too not just your face and body!) similar to MACs tinted lip conditioners ($17.50) at 15g or 0.507oz they are at a fraction of the price ($6.50) 10g or 0.340z. The pout polish is highly opaque and really smooth and smells amazing. I love potted things, other people have a problem with potted products because of the germ aspect but I have no concerns with that. 

In conclusion I will definitely be purchasing sleek cosmetics in the future. I hope they will be launching there products in North America because they are high quality at an affordable price just like NYX cosmetics in North America.

<3 Pax Et Amor <3


Forever 21 "Haul"

The haul is in quotations because it is really only 2 items of clothing and I think that I am going to return one of the items :S but I wanted to show you the pieces I got just for some inspirational spring clothing shopping.  I am going to Forever 21 tomorrow and I will let you know if I have returned the dress or not. 
The Dress I might return ($17.80)

Jumper ($14.50)

What have you found at Forever 21 lately ?

Pax Et Amor

Nail of the Moment

Barefoot In Barcelona 

After a Couple of days with really bright nail polish on my fingers I was craving something neutral and one of my favourite nude polishes is the O.P.I nail Lacquer in Barefoot in Barcelona. The polish makes my fingers look longer and leaner and is a perfect colour that will go with most outfits. Even though it is more of a autumn colour I still think it is great for spring time as well. 

What are on your fingers?

Pax Et Amor

What's In My Beach Bag

Lets Hit the Beach !

Cutest beach bag bought from Wal-Mart for $12

 The Essentials

Cute Beach Bag
Beach Towel 
Facial Blotting Tissues
Face Wipes
Head Phones
Iphone (with music)
Hand Sanitizer
Body Spray 
Bottle of Water
A Book 
Waterproof Sunscreen
Hair Mousse 
Facial Sunscreen
Lip Balm (With SPF)
Waterproof Mascara

Let me know what you bring to the beach!

Pax Et Amor

Something Gifted

I am doing one of my closest friends a big favour today (by driving her to the airport) and she decided to be amazing and get me a little thank you gift. Please enjoy the pictures as much as I will enjoy using all these goodies. 

Shower Gels for Earth Lovers (Watermelon & Eucalyptus)

Satsuma Puree Body Lotion

Coconut Body Scrub

01 Eye and Cheek Palette
01 Shade:: Blush 
02: Lilac Shimmer
03: Violet Shimmer
04: Frosted Silver
05: Black Shimmer 

Super Volume Mascara Shade: Cobalt (blue)

Home Fragrances