Spring Cleaning and cleansing

   So I know I have been EXTREMELY lacking on blog posts the last month, I know, I know, please refrain from saying "Aaf I told you so" (referring to people who say, girlfriend has ADD can't pay attention to anything consistently) and to those people; yes I know I'm a slacker but I am also extremely stubborn and will prove anyone wrong when I have too. So here we go, this is the first post and the beginning of many. It is close to summer and this means that the spring air is thawing out the bitter frostbite I obtained this winter. Spring is the time to refresh your senses, clean out the cobwebs, and rejuvenate your inner and outer selves. To cleanse your inner self it would be a good idea to get off your booty and start to work out for that summer body. Use some self tanners and get yourself a glow, there are many affordable and more splurge worthy products out there. Get yourself a fresh DO and a brow, upper lip and bikini wax to make sure everything is clean cut. And for an outer clean up start by cleaning out your car, because you know you have 4 different items of winter clothing (such as coats, hats, gloves, boots, and the occasional Long John) take out the snow scrappers the extra blanket and the winter mats. Replace all of this with sandals, extra pair of shorts and a light sweater. Clean out your closets, that sweater you've had for 3 seasons and is still in the back or your closet but hasn't been touched for the past 2 seasons, someone else is in greater need of that old sweater. clean out your shoes as well, if you are anything like me you have 6 black boots that look exactly the same and you have worn them out so much that it is an embarrassment to even wear them in public anymore, (gurl you need to get them gone) ! My next post will be most likely about spring summer shoes so make sure you come back to catch that post and hope to talk to you all later. <3

~~~PaX Et AmOr~~~

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