April Favourites

   As I am about to run out for a Fam Jam mothers day Dinner with my ENTIRE family in about a half hour and I have been ready for a while I just wanted to catch up with you guys. My biggest blog suggestion is to take a bunch of pictures on the same day and use them throughout the week to post blogs. It is so affective and I am blogging everyday now that I have done this. So this post will be about my April favourites, YES we are into MAY so crazy how time has flown by.

attached is a picture of my April Favourites

I am LoViNg Macs black track fluid line with my Lowe Cornell Spotter brush for eyeliner .. best eyeliner combo ever

Hard Candy sheer envy tinted moisterizer is such a perfect match for my skin and is great for spring and summer time

My allergy eyedrops are a lifesaver my runny eyes from all my allergies are killer this time of year and this is one of the things that has been getting me through. Also it is great when I have random redness on my face and want to get rid of it quickly.

My kirkland makeup remover wipes. I usually use the MAC ones but they are overly expensive and I am on a budget so these are great alternatives. they take off every bit of my makeup at night and are good if I'm in a rush in the mornings and don't have time to properly wash my face.

My Bobby Brown shimmer brick is my GO to Highlighter of the month of april. I have been reaching for this particular product every single day this colour is in copper I believe it is a limited addition, but I purchased it from a CCO (cosmetic company outlet) and i'm sure you can get your hands on it too. it is the perfect golden highlight especially for tan skin tones.

Jose Marans Buy one get one mascara was a sample I got in the Lash Stash at Sephora this past holiday season it has a fatty brush and if you know me you know I love fatties. It has a great formula that does not smudge and does not clump your eyelashes.  It does not make you eyelashes Crispy and Crunchy you are still able to touch your lashes and they still feel nice.

Bodycology cucumber and melon lotion I purchased from Walmart. A great story behind the reason I purchased this lotion is I was standing in front of all the lotions and a man came up and reached right across me (grazing boob might I add) and goes this is the best lotion of all time. Smell it, he unscrews the lid and sticks it in my nose. I smell am polite and I say yes it does smell great and he proceeds to tell me he will not leave until the thing is in my basket. I throw it in an briskly walk away from the crazy dude but end up buying it anyway and boy am I glad I did because it is a great whipped consistence it smells great and moisturizes really well sinking into the skin quickly.

The last thing I have been loving is the hard candy eyeliner in the colour geisha, being a very bright purple I didn't think that I would wear it too often, but I love to do the neutral eye with a pop of colour on my lower lash line and this is a perfect colour to do that look with.

well I hope you enjoyed reading this and hopefully I will talk to you all tomorrow, I have already planned out my post so hopefully it will be up tomorrow.

PaX Et AmOr

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