What do you see? I see PAN!

         Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah hey hey hey hey good bye good bye good bye!  This is the song I always love to sing when I am at the end of a product thats been in my life for a very LONG time. Most of them are in my life for months like mascara I sing the song a lot when it comes to mascara. It is one of my staple products that I can not leave the house without, no matter where I am going. But when it comes to some more stubborn products like powders (especially the mineral kind, or the ones that are so pigmented that a tap of the brush is all you need daily) suddenly shows you that it is finally detaching from your life and wanted to go away for college (hahaha probably not the best analogy) lets try another. When your product finally pulls down his pants and is half naked! Does that work better for all you ladies out there? Probably not anyway MOVING ON. This is when I sing LOUD and proud. My heart doesn't break that I am almost done with a beloved product it actually gives me goosebumps and an adrenaline rush. Anyone else out there experience anything like this when they hit pan on a product? Now I have confessed to you in the past that I am kind of a mascara hoarder, now I will confess the whole truth and nothing but the truth... I am truly a hoarder with all things makeup and makeup packaging. I keep most of my finished makeup (especially the LOVED items) so that when I ever want to I can repurchase it. Or maybe just look and smile at it and say "that was worth the money I spent on that product" So who else thinks its time for me to do a little Spring Cleaning? I certainly do!!!!

~~~PaX Et AmOr~~~


Face of the day

Face of the day by redandblackroom
Face of the day a photo by redandblackroom on Flickr.
 Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days, life has been pretty busy anyway enough with the excuses. So here is a face of the day for you all.

I am trying to get out of my daily routine of brown eyeshadow and peach blush so I opted for something a little different.


Neautrogena healthy skin foundation in the shade 100 natural tan

Mac natural skin finish in medium dark

Nars blush in Dolce Vita

Benefit creaseless cream eyeshadow in birthday suit

Clinique eyeshadow in 04 foxy

Mac blacktrack eyeliner

Urban Decay eyeliner in zero

Annabelle lipliner in spice

Maybelline moisture extreme lipstick in nude blush

p.s I always seem to forget to put something in and this time it was mascara... I am wearing BADgal lash by benefit a current love of mine.

Gahhh let me know whats on your face today

Love -A

PaX et AmOr



       There are sure signs that spring is coming, slowly but surely she is on her way! The signs are all around us, people are defrosting, they are coming out of their caves and have stopped hibernating, the sun is gracing us with its presence for a longer period of time and is warming up for us. Hallelujah the skies are opening up and letting the light shine down on us. But here is what I came to realize, spring cleaning is not just for the home and the office. We need to clean out our purses and our winter coats from all the junk we keep in them. Things that I have recently found in my coat pocket surprised even me. Old receipts, an insane amount of lip products, debit cards, hair ties, bobby pins, hair clips, perfume samples and that was only in my pockets of my    coat!! My purse is a whole different story my world is in my purse everything I need on a day to day basis ends up in that little duffle bag (because it is that big). So here is what I propose, this coming weekend I will clean out my purse and my coat if you do. I will be switching my bag for my spring bag anyway and it is a perfect time to do so.

So have a happy, healthy, and productive weekend all.

~~~PaX Et AmOr~~~~

Earth Hour 2011

       Another year has gone  by and Earth Hour is upon us again. This movement has been going strong since 2007 when Sydney Australia was the first to turn off the lights for an hour. 2.2 million people and businesses participated. The trend caught on and by the time 2009 came around 50 million people across 35 countries participated, including one of my favourite places in the world Toronto, the CN Tower a tower that has LED lights all around it went dark. Enough with the boring information lets get down to it. Even if you don't think that pollution, over consumption, over population and general over capacity is not killing the earth you do have to look at all the facts behind it (google it) or read an Inconvenient truth by Al Gore an amazingly informational read, and if you don't read watch the movie but just not during Earth hour :).  Earth hour is something that OUR generation is doing to help save the world the generations before use have destroyed. I don't really want to see things like our water supply run out and we have no more land like in the movie (Waterworld). Scary thoughts EH? Any way I think that earth hour could be a "good time" lets list a couple of ways to entertain our selves without electricity.

*Camp fire in the back yard

*Candles lite and take a romantic bath

*Play boardgames or charades with the familia (by candlelight)

*Hide and seek in the dark is always amusing (flashlights required... make sure they are the wind up flashlights) We are trying to be environmental and all.

*Have a wine and cheese affair with your friends

~~~Let me know what your great ideas are for the event!~~~~

       Now kids it's story time. My first ever earth hour I was going on a dinner date with one of my best friends and we decided we would treat ourselves to a little fancier meal than usually. So we went to this great little restaurant in my town and we sat down and at the hour of 8 they turned off all the lights burned tones of candles, and a mariachi band played for us while we ate our romantic dinner in the dark. (best friends seem to do so many romantic things together lol) anyway ever since that earth hour I have participated by turning off my lights and just having a good time with the people I love.

Hope you have a great EarthHour this year!!!


Pax Et AmOr


Unique Makeup Storage

photo by redandblackroomSick of plastic stackable containers that are boring and don't bring life to the room that you store your makeup in ? I sure was so when I first started buying makeup and getting into it I decided i wanted to store it in a unique and fun way. I got the idea of using an old tool box from One Tree Hill, if any of you have watch this show you might remember one of the main characters Peyton was an artist and stored her painting supplies in her dads old tool box. I loved the look of it and it was big enough to store all the makeup I owned (at the time :P) I also think I saw Audrina Patridge use a tool box for makeup storage on one of the bonus features on the hills when we went into her house.

Also I am not a girl that loves frilly fluff and the colour PINK, it actually is something I have never liked. I was a tom boy ever since I could remember but now that I am exploring my girlie side I can't give up all my roots. Hence my brush storage, there are no bows and no clear containers. I use a POPPYCOCK container from like 2 years ago as you can see in the picture. I think its funny and it makes me think of my cousin because she is the one who gave me the POPPYCOCK in the first place. I did fill the container with small flower beads from Michael's craft store to hold up the brushes.

I hope you all think outside of the box (or plastic containers in this case) and come up with unique and fun ways to store your makeup. Please send me a picture or describe it for me.

~<3 PaX Et AmOr ~<3


Mascara of the Month

photo by redandblackroom
photo a photo by redandblackroom on Flickr.
       Okay so put your hand up if you are a mascara HOARDER!!! both my hands are in the air I am not kidding you. I have at least 20 different mascaras in my life at any given moment, either I have them still in the package waiting to be tested or I have already used it and it's in my piles of... hate....like...love... or retry... each different pile has (at least) 2 mascaras in it. There is a reason to this madness. I have the worst trouble finding a mascara that works with my very picky eyelashes. Did I just call my lashes PICKY? Why yes i did. They are the most indecisive, unruly, bitter, stubborn, anxiety ridden and grumpier than old men parts of my body. They are short, stubby, sparse and sadly shaped. They are twins but are vastly different from one another. You know how it is with twins ones the good "child" with days that are amazing, it is rare that this "child" would let you down, this is why you favour this child over the other (can you tell I will be an excellent mother) but then there is the other one the one that never cooperates, is never in the mood to do a thing is lazy and lethargic. You give this "child" the extra attention it need but it never really lives up to your expectation. anyways ENOUGH about my "children" I think you get the point! Now, I have hunted far and wide for the perfect mascara but yet to come across one that will stop the hoarding habit so on goes my search for "THE ONE" story of my life. but I can tell you one that my twins are enjoying at the moment, it is the benefit BADgal mascara. Back in November I acquired the Sephora LASHSTASH (which is on sale by the way $10 off so $35 Canadian) because my high end mascara collection was lacking and this was a cheaper alternative to finding the solution I have been waiting for. I have tried most of the mascara in this box all except 2 but the Benefit BADgal is the one that has stood out the most. It makes my lashes long and voluminous, I think the combination word is Luscious. The colour is a very dark black which is what I love and the brush head is a fatty (my favourite kind) the bristles get every last lash in just one fell swoop of the wand. Sorry this was such a long blog post for just one product, but now that you guys know the history of my troubles and the torments I go through to get to the other side of the rainbow I think it was worth it. Next month it will be short and sweet. If you have any recommendations let me know.

Thanks for the read,

PaX Et AmOr

Japan: Be the Change

Hey Readers,

       Last night I was up thinking really hard about what I could do further to help spread the word about the devastation and tragedy that happened on March 11, 2011 in Japan. Not only where they hit by the FIFTH largest earthquakes recorded in history they then were hit by a tsunami CNN reported that the events have moved Japan's coastline 8 feet and has also shifted the Earths axis. Many people have been displaced and many lives have been lost in such a big event in history. I think that everybody has seen the footage and heard on the radio the death toll and the missing people that have still not been found. Even though this happened literally on the other side of the world for people here in Canada and The United States it still does hit close to home. I know from when I was in college  there were many exchange students from Japan that I got close with and they are going through such a hard time being here while their families are back home. My heart goes out to all of the people that have been affected by the quakeS (yes plural) and the tsumani. I just wanted to be able to do my part in helping to get people to either donate time or money for this great cause. Nurberxo on youtube has started a tag to spread word and get people to help. Down below are some charities she has found that you are able to donate to. I have also added one that I am very interested in as well.




Here is something that is unique that lets you remember that you have done something amazing you know that Lady Gaga is a great philanthropist and supports many great causes, well she is also supporting japan in a great way. you can buy one of her wristbands and the money goes to Japan. It is unique because you are able to choose how much money you want to donate:

$10.00 Wristband + $5 Donation

$15.00 Wristband + $10 Donation

$30.00 Wristband + $25 Donation

$55.00 Wristband + $50 Donation

$80.00 Wristband + $75 Donation

$105.00 Wristband + $100 Donation


If you are an animal lover and would like to support the displaced animals of Japan due to this tragedy please like this facebook page and read more about what you can do to help the animals that are always there for us and now they need you to be there for them.


*~Vitamin E Vitamin E Vitamin E~*

photo by redandblackroom
photo a photo by redandblackroom on Flickr.
      Do you suffer from acne scaring on your face that just seems to not go away? I certainly do! Over a year and a half ago my face started breaking out terribly, I mean an average of 5-7 new pimples per day that were very bacterial ridden and would take forever to go away. Every time the pimple would come to a head and pop it would leave a scar. My dermatologist recently did tell me that  asian skin does tend to have higher pigmentation that scars easier. Hmm lucky me eh, anyways now that I went  on the birth control pill to calmed my hormones down, my acne as come under control and I have virtually no pimples on my face other than maybe one or two every couple of weeks I am now stuck with the fact that my face is full of scars. I am taking action to take care of the problem. Many studies do say that Vitamin E is the solution to scaring, it helps fade scars faster if used topically as well as orally. Vitamin E has antioxidants in it that helps fight free radicals in the body that causes tissue and cellular damage. I am trying to incorporate products that contain Vitamin E in them for my daily skin care routine. At the moment I am  using the yes to carrots nourishing repairing night cream, life brands Vitamin e 100% pure oil, Body Shops Vitamin E face mist and also from time to time I will  put Johnson's Baby Oil with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E on my face. I try to match my products to concentrate  on performing one action so to not confuse my skin, and for me that is fading my scars so try and make your skincare routine focus on one problem area you have. Also a way to help prevent and fade scaring is to exfoliate your skin at least once a week and also SUNSCREEN I can not  stress how important it is to protect your skin from the sun otherwise the scars on your face will become more prominent rather than fade away. I hope that this post has helped some of you that are struggling with acne scaring and please let me know if you have any other solutions or suggestions that have worked for you.

thanks for reading,

PaX Et AmOr


Stressed to the Max

Comforter bubble bar
     Sorry my lame ass hasn't blogged for almost a week, life has been super busy and intense as, you know how it is break ups, make ups, moving out, moving in, friend time, family time, work, play and everything else in between. My body is tired but my mind is spinning. Life has been hard on my friends, family and I this week in many different ways and keeping up with the demands of it all is giving me so much stress. So my recommendations on how to relieve stress and calm your self, your body and your mind is simpler than you think. The whole taking a bath with music candles and amazing scented bubbles is always a good way to become balanced again. I can tell you that I love the comforter bubble bar from lush it is my ultimate favourite it smells lovely and has pink bubbles and what girly girl doesn't want to soak in a tub full of pink bubbles? Another thing I love to do to get rid of my high stress levels is to just work it off, meaning exercise; I mean real true get down and dirty sweaty as if you were a pig on a roast, work out. I think spinning is where it's at. You can listen to great music while you hang out with girlfriends and chat about the weeks event. Try to get an hour in about 2-3 times a week when you can, because trust me it makes a difference in how you feel. In the moment you will want to pull your instructors eye lashes' out one hair at a time and then turn on yourself for the fun of it but believe me it is worth the ass kicking you get while working out. Then go for a low carb high protein shake like the ladies in LALA land and get your weekly gossip on. What scandalous things your friends are up to lately... (i don't condone gossip but in the moment of writing this blog it sounding oh so juicy to say). How you do you folks relax when you are stressed to the max? Let me know in the comments below I'm always looking for ways to relieve the tension.

Thanks for reading world

PaX Et AmOr

love -A


Face on the day <3

Face on the day  by redandblackroom
Face on the day a photo by redandblackroom on Flickr.
This is my face of the day the products I used were;

(Primer) Cover Fx- Clear Prep Fx matte foundation primer and anti-acne treatment gel

(Foundation) Neutrogena healthy skin makeup- soft beige 50

(Concealer) Garnier skin renew anti dark circle roller

(Powder) MAC Mineralized skinfinish natural -Medium Dark

(Eye Primer) Two Faced - shadow insurance

(Eye colours) Elizabeth Arden- 4 eye colour cheek colour ombre

(Mascara) "not pictured" makeup forever smokey lash

(Eye Liner) "not pictured" Mac Fluide line - black

(Lipstick) Revlon colour burst lipstick in Rosy Nude

And the Makeup brushes I used

Mac 190 for foundation

Elf kabuki face brush for powder

Mac 116 for Blush

Sigma ss252 (old numbering system) for all over lid colour

Mac 217 for crease colour

Loew-Cornell 1/2 270 maxine mop for highlight

Loew-Cornell 5/0 5404 spotter brush for eyeliner (best eyeliner brush I have ever used and it was only 2 dollars at Michael's craft store)

Nails of the week

       I wanted to update you all on my nail polish colour of the week. the base coat is the rimmel lasting finishing pro in the colour Violet Metal. It is a beautiful duel chrome polish that has purple and blue's in it. The glitter polish on top is one of the best glitter polishes I have ever tried. It is called the sally hansen hard as nails Xtreme wear colour in rockstar pink this glitter polish is compared to the Katy Perry Teenage Dream polish but a much cheaper alternative. I am in love with this combination. I just got a call saying my Katy Perry Shatter polish is in stock again and I will be picking it up tonight so i don't know if this will be the nail polish of the "week" but probably more like the nail polish of the day !

Nails of the week by redandblackroom


Evian facial most

photo by redandblackroom
photo a photo by redandblackroom on Flickr.
The evian natural mineral water facial spray is the last spray that I will be reviewing this spray claims to moisturize, refresh and tone all at the same time. It is my least favourite spray in the threesome but it does have some positives I would like to touch base on. I like that you can get a pack of three for $14 at sears, I like the packaging and the nozzle and the way it sprays evenly throughout my face. This is the most refreshing spray it does not have an odour it is just water. I do not think this product is the best for setting makeup it does not make my makeup last all day, but on a hot day I can't seem to get enough of this spray. what I think is very unique about this spray is that is tones your skin which is very important for a healthy glow.

Okay so you learn Something every day thats what life is about right .... I am writing this about a week after I first posted this review. I just dicovered a great makeup channel on youtube called gossmakeupartistry. I watched a couple of his videos because he seems to be very knowledgable and is a real makeup artist that works in the industry every single day and has loads of information to share. He did a video about the evian spray stating that the nitrogen used to spray the water on to your face causes FREE RADICAL damage something that is very bad for your skin it also damages your skin cells here is a link to the video for you guys to check out what exactly he says. Please enjoy and learn something new.

Thanks for the read world and I will blog another day


Body shop Vitamin E face Mist

                        This next spray is the the body shop Vitamin E face mist. This spray is very multitasking it moisturizes uses vitamin E to protect your skin and also is excellent for setting your makeup. It contains panthenol to soften and rosewater to refresh. The most unique aspect of this product is that it moisturizes your skin. This product is great for winter months where skin can be extra dry form the heating in your house and just the lack of moisture in the air for this reason this is my favourite setting spray out of the three I am reviewing. The bottle is well made, none breakable, the nozzle sprays the mist evenly onto your skin and is overall durable. The only thing that would be problematic is that it will not be easy to travel with because of the fact that the nozzle does not lock.
photo by redandblackroom


Today I will be comparing 3 makeup setting sprays I currently own, Mac cosmetics Fix +, is a skin refresher/finishing mist it smells really pleasant not too strong that it will give you a headache or allergies (super important since spring allergies are right around the corner) the packaging is really nice, it is plastic so not to worry about dropping and breaking the bottle and it has a lock on the nozzle to prevent spillage. The product it self works very well for keeping your makeup in place all day. Spray a a couple of sprits all over your face and even in your hair to keep yourself cool on a warm summers day.
photo by redandblackroom


Welcome to my world

The Only Nude Picture you will see on this blog :)
Hey WORLD, this is aaf coming at you from inside the Red and Black Room. This is my safe place a place I can be myself be who I want to be and do what I want to do. WELCOME to my room I will be using this blog to update you on my life my passions my interests and my day to day activities. I will be posting a mismatch of things on this blog, everything from what I am cooking to what I am wearing to what movies I love and perhaps my life "bucket" list. If you are reading this and want to suggest anything for me to write about I am open to anything you suggest. PaX Et AmOrE (peace and love in latin)