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       Okay so put your hand up if you are a mascara HOARDER!!! both my hands are in the air I am not kidding you. I have at least 20 different mascaras in my life at any given moment, either I have them still in the package waiting to be tested or I have already used it and it's in my piles of... hate....like...love... or retry... each different pile has (at least) 2 mascaras in it. There is a reason to this madness. I have the worst trouble finding a mascara that works with my very picky eyelashes. Did I just call my lashes PICKY? Why yes i did. They are the most indecisive, unruly, bitter, stubborn, anxiety ridden and grumpier than old men parts of my body. They are short, stubby, sparse and sadly shaped. They are twins but are vastly different from one another. You know how it is with twins ones the good "child" with days that are amazing, it is rare that this "child" would let you down, this is why you favour this child over the other (can you tell I will be an excellent mother) but then there is the other one the one that never cooperates, is never in the mood to do a thing is lazy and lethargic. You give this "child" the extra attention it need but it never really lives up to your expectation. anyways ENOUGH about my "children" I think you get the point! Now, I have hunted far and wide for the perfect mascara but yet to come across one that will stop the hoarding habit so on goes my search for "THE ONE" story of my life. but I can tell you one that my twins are enjoying at the moment, it is the benefit BADgal mascara. Back in November I acquired the Sephora LASHSTASH (which is on sale by the way $10 off so $35 Canadian) because my high end mascara collection was lacking and this was a cheaper alternative to finding the solution I have been waiting for. I have tried most of the mascara in this box all except 2 but the Benefit BADgal is the one that has stood out the most. It makes my lashes long and voluminous, I think the combination word is Luscious. The colour is a very dark black which is what I love and the brush head is a fatty (my favourite kind) the bristles get every last lash in just one fell swoop of the wand. Sorry this was such a long blog post for just one product, but now that you guys know the history of my troubles and the torments I go through to get to the other side of the rainbow I think it was worth it. Next month it will be short and sweet. If you have any recommendations let me know.

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