There are sure signs that spring is coming, slowly but surely she is on her way! The signs are all around us, people are defrosting, they are coming out of their caves and have stopped hibernating, the sun is gracing us with its presence for a longer period of time and is warming up for us. Hallelujah the skies are opening up and letting the light shine down on us. But here is what I came to realize, spring cleaning is not just for the home and the office. We need to clean out our purses and our winter coats from all the junk we keep in them. Things that I have recently found in my coat pocket surprised even me. Old receipts, an insane amount of lip products, debit cards, hair ties, bobby pins, hair clips, perfume samples and that was only in my pockets of my    coat!! My purse is a whole different story my world is in my purse everything I need on a day to day basis ends up in that little duffle bag (because it is that big). So here is what I propose, this coming weekend I will clean out my purse and my coat if you do. I will be switching my bag for my spring bag anyway and it is a perfect time to do so.

So have a happy, healthy, and productive weekend all.

~~~PaX Et AmOr~~~~

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