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The evian natural mineral water facial spray is the last spray that I will be reviewing this spray claims to moisturize, refresh and tone all at the same time. It is my least favourite spray in the threesome but it does have some positives I would like to touch base on. I like that you can get a pack of three for $14 at sears, I like the packaging and the nozzle and the way it sprays evenly throughout my face. This is the most refreshing spray it does not have an odour it is just water. I do not think this product is the best for setting makeup it does not make my makeup last all day, but on a hot day I can't seem to get enough of this spray. what I think is very unique about this spray is that is tones your skin which is very important for a healthy glow.

Okay so you learn Something every day thats what life is about right .... I am writing this about a week after I first posted this review. I just dicovered a great makeup channel on youtube called gossmakeupartistry. I watched a couple of his videos because he seems to be very knowledgable and is a real makeup artist that works in the industry every single day and has loads of information to share. He did a video about the evian spray stating that the nitrogen used to spray the water on to your face causes FREE RADICAL damage something that is very bad for your skin it also damages your skin cells here is a link to the video for you guys to check out what exactly he says. Please enjoy and learn something new.

Thanks for the read world and I will blog another day


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