Stressed to the Max

Comforter bubble bar
     Sorry my lame ass hasn't blogged for almost a week, life has been super busy and intense as, you know how it is break ups, make ups, moving out, moving in, friend time, family time, work, play and everything else in between. My body is tired but my mind is spinning. Life has been hard on my friends, family and I this week in many different ways and keeping up with the demands of it all is giving me so much stress. So my recommendations on how to relieve stress and calm your self, your body and your mind is simpler than you think. The whole taking a bath with music candles and amazing scented bubbles is always a good way to become balanced again. I can tell you that I love the comforter bubble bar from lush it is my ultimate favourite it smells lovely and has pink bubbles and what girly girl doesn't want to soak in a tub full of pink bubbles? Another thing I love to do to get rid of my high stress levels is to just work it off, meaning exercise; I mean real true get down and dirty sweaty as if you were a pig on a roast, work out. I think spinning is where it's at. You can listen to great music while you hang out with girlfriends and chat about the weeks event. Try to get an hour in about 2-3 times a week when you can, because trust me it makes a difference in how you feel. In the moment you will want to pull your instructors eye lashes' out one hair at a time and then turn on yourself for the fun of it but believe me it is worth the ass kicking you get while working out. Then go for a low carb high protein shake like the ladies in LALA land and get your weekly gossip on. What scandalous things your friends are up to lately... (i don't condone gossip but in the moment of writing this blog it sounding oh so juicy to say). How you do you folks relax when you are stressed to the max? Let me know in the comments below I'm always looking for ways to relieve the tension.

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