Body shop Vitamin E face Mist

                        This next spray is the the body shop Vitamin E face mist. This spray is very multitasking it moisturizes uses vitamin E to protect your skin and also is excellent for setting your makeup. It contains panthenol to soften and rosewater to refresh. The most unique aspect of this product is that it moisturizes your skin. This product is great for winter months where skin can be extra dry form the heating in your house and just the lack of moisture in the air for this reason this is my favourite setting spray out of the three I am reviewing. The bottle is well made, none breakable, the nozzle sprays the mist evenly onto your skin and is overall durable. The only thing that would be problematic is that it will not be easy to travel with because of the fact that the nozzle does not lock.
photo by redandblackroom

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