Unique Makeup Storage

photo by redandblackroomSick of plastic stackable containers that are boring and don't bring life to the room that you store your makeup in ? I sure was so when I first started buying makeup and getting into it I decided i wanted to store it in a unique and fun way. I got the idea of using an old tool box from One Tree Hill, if any of you have watch this show you might remember one of the main characters Peyton was an artist and stored her painting supplies in her dads old tool box. I loved the look of it and it was big enough to store all the makeup I owned (at the time :P) I also think I saw Audrina Patridge use a tool box for makeup storage on one of the bonus features on the hills when we went into her house.

Also I am not a girl that loves frilly fluff and the colour PINK, it actually is something I have never liked. I was a tom boy ever since I could remember but now that I am exploring my girlie side I can't give up all my roots. Hence my brush storage, there are no bows and no clear containers. I use a POPPYCOCK container from like 2 years ago as you can see in the picture. I think its funny and it makes me think of my cousin because she is the one who gave me the POPPYCOCK in the first place. I did fill the container with small flower beads from Michael's craft store to hold up the brushes.

I hope you all think outside of the box (or plastic containers in this case) and come up with unique and fun ways to store your makeup. Please send me a picture or describe it for me.

~<3 PaX Et AmOr ~<3

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