Earth Hour 2011

       Another year has gone  by and Earth Hour is upon us again. This movement has been going strong since 2007 when Sydney Australia was the first to turn off the lights for an hour. 2.2 million people and businesses participated. The trend caught on and by the time 2009 came around 50 million people across 35 countries participated, including one of my favourite places in the world Toronto, the CN Tower a tower that has LED lights all around it went dark. Enough with the boring information lets get down to it. Even if you don't think that pollution, over consumption, over population and general over capacity is not killing the earth you do have to look at all the facts behind it (google it) or read an Inconvenient truth by Al Gore an amazingly informational read, and if you don't read watch the movie but just not during Earth hour :).  Earth hour is something that OUR generation is doing to help save the world the generations before use have destroyed. I don't really want to see things like our water supply run out and we have no more land like in the movie (Waterworld). Scary thoughts EH? Any way I think that earth hour could be a "good time" lets list a couple of ways to entertain our selves without electricity.

*Camp fire in the back yard

*Candles lite and take a romantic bath

*Play boardgames or charades with the familia (by candlelight)

*Hide and seek in the dark is always amusing (flashlights required... make sure they are the wind up flashlights) We are trying to be environmental and all.

*Have a wine and cheese affair with your friends

~~~Let me know what your great ideas are for the event!~~~~

       Now kids it's story time. My first ever earth hour I was going on a dinner date with one of my best friends and we decided we would treat ourselves to a little fancier meal than usually. So we went to this great little restaurant in my town and we sat down and at the hour of 8 they turned off all the lights burned tones of candles, and a mariachi band played for us while we ate our romantic dinner in the dark. (best friends seem to do so many romantic things together lol) anyway ever since that earth hour I have participated by turning off my lights and just having a good time with the people I love.

Hope you have a great EarthHour this year!!!


Pax Et AmOr

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