What do you see? I see PAN!

         Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah hey hey hey hey good bye good bye good bye!  This is the song I always love to sing when I am at the end of a product thats been in my life for a very LONG time. Most of them are in my life for months like mascara I sing the song a lot when it comes to mascara. It is one of my staple products that I can not leave the house without, no matter where I am going. But when it comes to some more stubborn products like powders (especially the mineral kind, or the ones that are so pigmented that a tap of the brush is all you need daily) suddenly shows you that it is finally detaching from your life and wanted to go away for college (hahaha probably not the best analogy) lets try another. When your product finally pulls down his pants and is half naked! Does that work better for all you ladies out there? Probably not anyway MOVING ON. This is when I sing LOUD and proud. My heart doesn't break that I am almost done with a beloved product it actually gives me goosebumps and an adrenaline rush. Anyone else out there experience anything like this when they hit pan on a product? Now I have confessed to you in the past that I am kind of a mascara hoarder, now I will confess the whole truth and nothing but the truth... I am truly a hoarder with all things makeup and makeup packaging. I keep most of my finished makeup (especially the LOVED items) so that when I ever want to I can repurchase it. Or maybe just look and smile at it and say "that was worth the money I spent on that product" So who else thinks its time for me to do a little Spring Cleaning? I certainly do!!!!

~~~PaX Et AmOr~~~

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