It's time to get Fit for Summer

      Okay about a month ago I joined booty camp fitness (located allover Canada) so yesterday was my first class and I wasn't to nervous to do it but my cousin sure was. I am a pretty laid back individual so not a lot fazes me but when we got started I literally looked over at cousin and go Oh my Lord we are gonna die. It was such an intense workout. I have done spinning on and off for 6 months and I also do the elliptical and treadmill on a daily bases. I thought that I was fit enough that i could handle booty camp, and boy was I WRONG the lady told me that it was the easiest class in the 4 week 2 a week series. I woke up this morning with the sorest butt of my life! but that means it's working right? The reason why I am putting myself through this torture is because I can stand to loose some poundage off the stomach area before the arrival of summer and all it has to offer such as beach time, and skimpy clothing to help with the heat. What are you guys doing to get fit? I recommend joining a class it helps motivate you to go, and well you already paid to go right so you kinda have to, and also do it with a BUDDY otherwise loneliness is never a fun thing.

Stay healthy, happy, and hot

Talk to you all later

Pax Et Amor

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