Update and New Haircut

Oh My Gosh guys, I have beens so MIA. I have been going back and forth from my parents house to my cousins house so I am literally living out of a suitcase right now. So update in my life, I have been getting FIT doing booty boot camp which I wrote about in the last post, I am going to start my summer job again and also going to do some school in May, so right now is really busy for me but I seriously want to keep up with my blog. So today I got my haircut (long overdue) as usual I love my hairdresser he is so funny and makes me feel so comfortable and he is the best hairstylist I have ever had I have long hair to the middle of my back and, and he asked me what I would like to do with it. I told him I wanted to chop it off but no one in my life would like that. So we came up with a plan we were going to compromise and do short layers around my face but ultimately keep the length. In the middle of the cut all i hear is a squeal and really fast excited talking, it was Mr. Hairdresser with a brilliant idea. He was going to tuck my hair underneath to make it look like I chopped off my hair just to freak out the people in my life. I left the salon so giddy and happy and excited to show of my new "haircut". Everyone freaked out, some loved it others hated it and others said they needed to get used to it ! It was the best april fools joke ever I couldn't keep a straight face i laughed until my eyes watered! Anyway it was good to write on this thing again. hope you enjoyed my update and I will talk to you later <3

love aaf

pax et amor

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